Where to Get Breast Augmentation Cleveland, Ohio


5Getting breast augmentation is probably one of the biggest decisions one could ever make. There are a lot of reasons and considerations why a woman would opt for breast augmentation. For example, a mother may have experienced reduced breast mass subsequent to a pregnancy, thus there is a need for breast augmentation. Sometimes, the said process can also be used to address congenital breast defects or simply to compensate for smaller breasts. Whatever your reasons are, the most important consideration is for you to choose a trusted and reliable surgeon to do the job.

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For those who are living in Cleveland, Ohio, there are a number of professional surgeons in the area who can perform plastic surgery safely and securely. One of the leading surgeons in the industry is Dr. Gregory M. Fedele, M.D., F.A.C.S. who has been in the practice for more than 15 years. Dr. Fedele Clinic specializes in a number of surgical procedures including breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction as well as breast reconstruction.

Also important in choosing a clinic is the kind of technology they use. Of course, you have to make sure that you undergo breast augmentation using the most technologically advanced and state-of-the-art equipment. Needless to say, you cannot trust your safety to a clinic that uses substandard equipment for their surgical operations.

Not only that, you also have to make sure that you get a comprehensive consultation prior to undergoing the procedure. It is important for each and every patient to know and understand the entire process. At Dr. Fedele Clinic, you can be assured that you get what you truly need. They have high quality equipment to secure your safety while you are undergoing the procedure.

Preparing for Breast Augmentation

It is certainly not easy to prepare oneself for a surgery including breast augmentation. Nevertheless, consultation with Dr. Fedele will give you an idea what you should do. Also important is the fact that you can discuss the type and the size of breast implant you need. Of course, every woman has their own unique desires for body shape, thus a consultation will help you achieve your body goals.

The surgery itself can take about an hour and the said procedure will be performed under general anesthesia. The patient will then spend another two hours inside the recovery room. Patients should anticipate pain and discomfort for three to four days after the surgery, but Dr. Fedele will be prescribing muscle relaxand and medication for the pain. You can expect to go back to work and perform your daily chores after a week, but it will take about three to four weeks for you to be able to perform heavy tasks and activities including exercises.

For more information, you can visit Dr. Fedele Clinic in the address stated below or you can visit their website at drfedele.com/breast-enlargement-augmentation. Center for Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery 25201 Chagrin Blvd #180 Cleveland, OH 44122



Setting the Patient’s Breast Augmentation Expectation

Yes is a common answer when you ask women if they prefer to undergo breast enlargement surgery. The anticipation of the new body form is evident in the tone of their voice alone when she visits the hospital for the initial consultancy. To learn about the expectations after a breast augmentation, the surgeon must show you the before and after pictures of previous breast augmentation procedures that he has done so you will have an idea if he or she does it correctly and perfectly. By this, the patient may realistically set her expectation. Since health insurance companies do not cover breast surgery unless if it is in line with mastectomy or breast cancer treatment or operation. This is more of a beauty procedure rather that a medical procedure.


Plenty of patients ask their surgeons how they will look like after the operation has been done. The doctors of beleza plastic surgery show this to them even though the patient does not speak it out. You must make sure that all your questions are answered and all explanations are made before going under the knife. At least the patient will have a realistic foresight on what to expect so that when the surgery is done, there will be no regrets. The instant large breast does not happen overnight so this could be a disappointment for some. That is why clinical advice on what to expect after the breast surgery must be put on the table to lower expectation. If the given counseling is sufficient beforehand, then everything will be fine.


A series of pictures showing the augmentation healing process will be shown to you by your surgeon to make you know what to expect after breast augmentation. This is the lonesome way to deal with the patient’s concerns about what will occur after the surgery. Plenty of patients worries about how their breast will appear in their normal clothing after surgery. Patients should be rest assured that they will look fine in most of their wardrobe. Only a bikini or a bathing suit can present some problems after a breast augmentation surgery. You must not expect to go to the beach after surgery. It is advised that a patient undergoes breast augmentation during spring rather than during winter. If you have no choice but to do it during summer, a t-shirt worn over a bathing suit will be presentable as well. During the post-operative period, you must be keen to avoid exposure of the wounds or the scars to the sun. It will actually interfere with the healing process.

Breast Implants and Your Health Insurance

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Breast implants are generally not covered by health insurance policies. Thus, thousands of dollars’ worth of breast augmentation surgery are shouldered by the patients. There are, however, exceptions that health insurance companies implement. They would usually agree to help pay for a patient who need to get breast implants after she underwent mastectomy because of breast cancer. After this, any further surgeries would no longer be covered by the health insurance.


Insurance rates could also be affected if you have undergone any breast implants before. Breast surgeries should be done only by professionals and experts like Dr.Racanelli,plastic surgeon (New jersey) . Although the price in unquestionably high, you are assured of getting the best care and treatment. At http://www.drracanelli.com/breast-augmentation-in-nj/ , you could read not just about the expert’s credentials, but other information you like to know such as being able to schedule a consultation. During consultation, you could inquire about financing and on whether or not the surgery could be within the coverage of a health insurance. 


Speak to Your Insurance Company While consultation with the doctor could be expected to be about the technical details of the operation like size and type of implant or type of incision to be made, consultation with the insurance company will help you to understand if you will ever get help from it or not in paying for the operation.

Prior to the surgery, Web MD says that y must determine first if any cost will be covered by your insurance policy when you get a breast implant surgery. It would not hurt to ask or inquire since you need to find out more details about breast implants and health insurance. You should also ask the agent if getting breast implants will affect your insurance coverage or insurance rates. Inquire about the possibility of your coverage changing if you ever develop breast cancer or breast problems after getting breast implants. While the breast implant procedure itself might not be covered by the insurance, find out if the company will instead cover any treatments you might need if ever complications related to the breast implants occur. You should also know if diagnostic tests like extramammogram images or MRIs you need to undergo after the breast implant surgery will be covered by the insurance.

Asking straight from the insurance company is better than immediately believing what other people claim. After all, insurance companies are known to change its policies every now and then.