Solar Panels Installation: Why Some People Go For It While Others Don’t

Today, a lot of people all over the world rely on the readily accessible renewable source of energy which is the sun. With solar power, anyone can power one’s home with clean energy. This helps fight against greenhouse gas emissions and lowers mankind’s collective needs for fossil fuel. Though currently, many are still dependent on natural gas and coal, some people have started to adopt the use of solar panels, especially in areas of the world where solar energy is abundant.


People have their reasons why they adopt or refuse to use solar panels. Those who adopt solar panel technology do so because of the following reasons below:

  1. It is cost effective

Do you know that you can be paid for creating your own “green electricity”? This is through a “Feed and Tariff” scheme. Others call this “Clean Energy Cash Back”. Hence, even if the solar panel installation may be expensive, you can enjoy 14%v return through Feed and tariff. But more than that, additional savings can be enjoyed as you gain energy independence from the increasing utility rates.

  1. Safe to use

Solar Panel’s greenhouse gases are 96%-98% lower than coal generated electricity. It also requires less water when used. There’s no need to transform or use vast land or area to make it work. Most of all, it has very little toxicity to humans.

Meanwhile, here are the reasons why some people refused to use solar panel up to these days:

  1. They have nowhere to install the solar panels.

For one’s roof to be suitable for a solar panel installation, it must be south-facing, flat and large.

  1. There must be abundant sunlight to cover the area. Shady areas with little to no sunlight won’t make the system work.
  1. If the roof is hard to access for a regular clean-up then this won’t be a good area for installation of solar panels.
  2. Some people are unaware of the advantages solar panel offers. They think it will only give them small savings or reason out that they are not receiving sufficient sunshine even if their place is too hot. They may think that the installation will only be an additional expense on their part. And that having a solar panel to maintain can be very taxing and time consuming.

Bottom line is; you will need electricity to power your offices and homes. You can address this need in many ways. But it will be best if you do this without compromising nature’s safety. And this can be done with the use of solar panels. Solar Panel Installers can be readily accessed these days. Hence, you don’t need to do the installation all by yourself.