Helpful Tips to Taking Care of Your Car

A car is not just another investment. It is something that always makes sure you get to your destination safely. That is why, it is also important that you take time to give it the care it deserves.


Clean Your Car Regularly

The first step to maintaining a car is to make sure that it is cleaned and it stays clean. Once or twice a month is the recommended times you should wash your car. Grime and dirt can accumulate in spaces overtime. When there is too much of them, it could damage your exterior and interior. It could also affect how your car runs. If you are located in a place where your car is exposed to pollution, bird droppings or rain, you should consider washing it weekly. Also, if you use it for long commutes, be sure to check your car for chipped auto glass or paints so you can have it fixed before it gets worse.

Check and Change Your Oil and Air Filter

Cars need oil for the engine to work at its best. Dirt builds up in the engine and would cause it to die if you do not change your oil regularly. For regular use, you have to change oil every 5,000 miles. However, if you drive your car under severe conditions on a daily basis, you should change oil every 3,000 miles. Making sure that the air filter of the car is in good condition is also important. Changing it every 12,000 miles is recommended for most. This would prolong your engine’s life, reduce emissions and increase your car’s fuel efficiency.

Check Your Tires and Rotate Them

The tires of your cars need to have the correct pressure. Even if just one of the four tires of your car is incorrectly pressured, it could cause instability of the drive, poor breaks, less gas mileage, and a flat tire. And any of these could cause a serious accident. Your front and rear tires do not wear the same way. You can rotate them to have an even wearing before replacing them completely.

Check Your Brakes

To avoid accidents on the road while driving, having your brakes checked regularly is a must. Replace your brake pads every 25,000 miles or even sooner if you use your brakes too often. You would know that your brake pads are already worn when you hear some grinding noise when you try to slow down or stop. If you need assistance with the maintenance of your car, you better take it to a professional to make sure that everything is working just fine.