Cataract: Symptoms and Treatment

Cataract is one of the most serious eye problems that can result to poor vision or even blindness. A cataract develops when protein builds up on the eyes, particularly at the lens. When cataract is formed, it blocks the light, hindering it from getting to the eyes, causing the images that you see to appear blurry or cloudy. The symptoms of this disorder develop slowly and are difficult to notice during its early stages. It is too small to be detected and felt when it starts. However, when it spreads wider, a person would have blurred visions, the colors of the images start to fade, and sometimes a person would also experience night blindness.



For some, they will also see halos around lights. People who have cataract at its early stage would have difficulty adjusting from a bright to a dark room. Because of the decreased level of contrast sensitivity, the eyes could not easily get accustomed to the change in brightness. When the cataract spreads further, a person’s vision would become even cloudier. It gets even worse during the day. White spots can be seen on the lens of the eye. When not treated, cataract can be a cause of complete blindness. There are cases when the cataract would leak to other parts of the eye and it would lead to inflammation, pain and loss of eyesight. Treating cataract is not as easy as taking meds.


A person with severe cataract has to undergo specific surgery depending on the depth of the condition. Nowadays, there are great and effective eye surgeries that are done to patients who are experiencing this disorder. Even serious cases can be treated with these surgeries. There are doctors that can even detect the cataract at its early stages and treat the eyes accordingly. (One of the best recommended doctors can be found in this website – .) As effective as the modern treatments are, it is still best to be preventive. Eating food containing antioxidants, certain vitamins and minerals can help one reduce the risk of cataract development. One should also be aware of the harmful effect of smoking and drinking to the health of the eyes. Getting enough sleep and regular exercise does not only help your eyes but also your overall health. Go to your nearest eye clinic or contact a trusted doctor for regular check-ups and detection of cataract before it becomes worse.